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Moon Stone: Moonstone is found all over the world on every continent. It is a form of orthoclase that has a shiny surface that gives a bluish-white adularescence over the surface. Moonstone is a popular gemstone all over the globe due to its colourless and transparent look. It is the stone of new beginnings in everyone’s life.

Opal Stone: Opal is a milky white and translucent gemstone that is silica in an amorphous form. It is the same as quartz chemically but has a higher ratio of water in the mineral structure than that of quartz. Opal stone gives benefits to the person having it treating their fever, infections, and along with that purifies blood, strengthens the memory.

Labradorite Stone: Labradorite stone is commonly found in feldspar minerals on earth. This semi-precious stone is also known as Spectrolite and rainbow Moonstone when it is in the white form. Generally, it is found in the dark coloured bluish matrix. It protects the person from the negativity present around in the atmosphere. It comes in various colours like blue, orange, green, brown, or mixed colours.

Birthstone: The birthstones are related to the month of every other person. All of these stones have a unique significance in the person’s life and have a different meaning or effect on them. The gemstones have an astrological alignment with the person’s zodiac signs that is emerged by the birth month. Birthstone helps different persons with various health-related issues like giving a sense of protection, beauty, joy, strength, hope, etc.

Gemstones: The loose gemstones are made of various mineral components that originated from the earth’s crust. These naturally occurring solid stones are cut down, carved, and polished to make them shine and be useful in making jewellery. These are crystalline material solids that have a particular composition of chemicals. It is valued on the basis of their carat, colours, cutting, and clarity that make the gemstones more precious.

Tiger Eye Stone: The Tiger eye crystal gemstone has beautiful bands of golden-yellow colour across it. This design makes it look attractive and precious. It is an alternate and has a very low price than the ruby and looks amazing in the rings and pendants. This Tiger eye stone keeps you strong and releases all kinds of fear inside you. It also helps the person who wears it in balancing the body and mind taking the decisions simultaneously.

Polychrome Jasper Stone: This stone is precious and found in the regions of Madagascar. Polychrome Jasper stone is also known as the Desert Jesper. Various shades and colours are available in Polychrome Jesper like red and brown with some shades also. It helps the person to activate the body’s inner balance helping out to adjust to the environment.

Ocean Jasper Stone: The Ocean Jasper stone is one of the rare Jaspers made of silicon dioxide mineral. It is from the family of Quartz having the orb-like patterns in circular ways. Ocean Jasper has patterns are in yellow, white, brown, blue, green, grey, pink, or red colours. It is responsible to align and activate the throat chakras, heart, and solar plexus. The strains inside your mind and heart will be released and synchronize the thought patterns.

Heart Shape Stone: You can buy heart shape stones online that are in crystal form and shaped like the heart. This shape of gemstone looks beautiful is it in the ring or a pendant. You can get the heart shape stone and it will be the perfect present for your loved one like your girlfriend, wife, husband, and boyfriend.

Moon Shape Stone: The moon shape stone is the type of gemstone that is cut down in the shape of the moon. The design of moon gemstones looks amazing and exquisite in the pendants and rings. It can also be engraved in bracelets, key rings, or other jewellery items. This will look cool as they are polished in a shinier way.

Amethyst Stone: The violet or purple coloured variety of Quartz is known as the Amethyst stone. It is believed in the Greek culture that the semiprecious Amethyst gemstone is good for wearing on the body for releasing the negativities. It is also used by them in older times to engrave them on the drinking vessels to avoid intoxication. It is the birthstone of those who were born in February. It helps in producing the hormones and reducing the stress and headaches in those who are suffering from them.

Malachite Stone: It is the form of stone consisting of the copper carbonate mineral. Malachite generally has opaque green colour as the malachite stone is an ore of copper and its oxidization in the presence of oxygen gives it this colour. It looks pretty with some shades and patterns that are way more contrasting to the Malachite stone. The stone is best for the immune system, liver, energy levels, respiratory systems, along with your protection.

Azurite Stone: Azurite is generally used in jewellery and ornaments to make them look beautiful. This gemstone is a blue coloured stone that has various exotic patterns. It is the form of copper carbonate hydroxide and has been discovered a long time ago. Azurite Stone is beneficial for balancing your emotions and giving a boost to your inner strength. It is the gemstone that is commonly found in the regions of Russia, China, Africa, and Australia.

Turquoise Stone: Turquoise is a natural stone that has a light blue colour and some of them have the shade of bluish-green patterns. The gemstone consists of phosphate and copper mineral. The Turquoise stone is the birthstone for those who are born in the month of December. It is believed that turquoise has the healing & protection power for various health issues like depression, high blood pressure, migraines, etc. It represents protection, wisdom, fortune, tranquillity, and hope.

Pietersite Stone: It is known that Pietersite stone has the power of activating all the chakras and solar plexus of a human body wearing it. It keeps you grounded and boosts the positive light, responsibility, kindness in you. Pietersite is dark blue in colour and from the family of macro-crystalline quartz. It is a little bit similar to the tiger-eye and hawk’s eye stone or says it is a mixture of both.

Lapis Lazuli Stone: Lapis lazuli is a stone that is semi-precious in the contrast colour of deep blue. It is a mixture of minerals like Pyrite, Lazurite, and Calcite. Lapis Lazuli stone helps the person wearing it in boosting their immunity, purifying blood. It protects the person from depression, psychic attacks to lead a balanced life. It provides peace, harmony, helps in emerging the truth, and self-awareness inside your body.

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